Windmill Agogo bar is located at the 2nd Road end of the Soi Diamond alleyway in Pattaya, Thailand. It has a probably deserved reputation as the naughtiest gogo bar in the city. Not everyone’s cup of tea and not for the feint hearted. If you like to sit in peace looking at good looking girls it’s probably not for you as neither are likely to happen.

One of those love it or hate it places with no real in between. However, it certainly has plenty of fans and would probably make the list of the top ten busiest gogo bars in Pattaya.

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Windmill Agogo bar, Soi Diamond, Pattaya

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2 thoughts on “Windmill Agogo bar Walking Street

  1. If you like very cheap beer and very average looking girls its the place for you. Cheap Charlieville with the odd decent looker thrown in. I would agree it is the naughtiest gogo bar but sitting with a bunch of guys dribbling isn’t a lot of fun.

    1. LOL a bit mean but not far from the truth. Not a lot of quality here but a lot of people like it. They got closed down recently but it doesnt seem to have toned down since the re-opening. Cheap beer and cheap girls. Gotta love it!

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